Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sisters - Creative Writing based on a picture 31.

I saw the picture and my Muse attacked me. You can find the original picture here.

You can find the original Hungarian version here.


"They fell nicely, right, Nora?" Martha asked with a smile.

"Almost gracefully" answered.

"I say 8 point from 10.

"Hmm... 7.5. Their screams was too quiet.

Martha shrugged. Nora have always understood such tidbits better.

"But they begged nicely, you have to admit."

"True enough."

They watched the surface for minutes.

“When will they find them?” asked Nora quietly.

Her sister laughed.

“Perhaps never. The rocks chained to their legs are effective.”

“Right. Back to the camping?”

“Yeah, nothing interesting here.”

Before they walked away, both swung their arm to throw the slippers of the unfortunate boys into the depths.

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